Report/StudySummaryDocuments including WEEE flows/quantities
Mobile Muster - Annual report 2018Mobile Muster, 2018: Annual report of Australian mobile phone compliance scheme.48
Organised Crime in Australia 2017Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), 2017: The Organised Crime in Australia 2017 (OCA 2017) report provides a snapshot of serious and organised crime in Australia, exploring existing and emerging organised crime threats affecting the Australian community and national interests. Information presented is intended to inform readers of the current trends in Australian crime markets and to provide information on how the Australian Government is addressing the threat of serious and organised crime to Australia.
Organised Crime in Australia 2015Australian Crime Commission (ACC), 2015: Biennial public report that delivers a current picture of the serious and organised crime environment in Australia. It outlines the existing and emerging organised crime threats impacting the Australian community and national interests, what includes "pollution caused by the dumping of hazardous waste, illegal discharge and e-waste".
Global e-waste systems - Insights for Australia from other developed countriesAustralian&New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 2015: This report is intended to research the e-waste systems of a select group of advanced economies to develop insights that can be applied to the Australian market. Other than the focus on Australia, the scope of this research is limited to three other advanced economies e-waste: Germany, Finland and Japan.48
The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme —Operational Review 2014Australian Government Department of Environment, 2014: This review paper proposes improvements to the scheme and e-waste management in Australia for a more stable and dynamic e-waste recycling sector.48
Discussion Paper on Proposed Amendments to the National Television and Computer Recycling SchemeAustralian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 2013: This discussion paper identifies opportunities to enhance the operation of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, based on the experiences gained during the scheme's first year of operation and on feedback from a broad range of stakeholders.
Organised Crime in Australia 2013Australian Crime Commission (ACC), 2013: Report on the involvement of organised crime in diverse activities.
Organised Crime in Australia 2011Australian Crime Commission (ACC), 2011: Report refering to illegal disposal of waste and the involvement of organised crime in Australia.
Practical Difficulties in Prosecuting Environmental OffendersAustralian Institute of Criminology (AIC) by Steven Molino, 2011: This paper explores the practical difficulties of obtaining environmental evidence and then of using it to prosecute environmental offenders.
Transnational Environmental Crime ProjectAustralian National University, 2012-2016: The project investigates emerging trends in transnational environmental crime and examines the conditions for successful regulatory and enforcement responses.
Environmental Crime in AustraliaAustralian Institute of Criminology (AIC) by Samantha Bricknell, 2010: This report gathers together published literature from a broad range of sources; defines environmental crime and the types of acts that are categorised as that; provides the incentives and drivers behind the commission of environmental offences and describes the dimensions of scale environmental crime can take; summarises the existing international and national controls for combating environmental crime; examines key areas of environmental crime, including: • pollution and illegal waste disposal/trade: laws related; offences & penalties; WEEE in Australia; waste detection; examples of illegal export. AIC Reports Research and Public Policy Series 109.48